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Hexagonal Tent 85 - Ø 3 meters
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Colours: naturalny biały
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Product Information "Hexagonal 85 - Ø 3 Meter"

Relaxed camp life in the medieval age tent Hexagonal - this medieval tent impresses with its spacious size.

Experience several epochs with one and the same tent

The medieval age tent Hexagonal reflects a great number of epochs due to its appearance. Whether in the ancient Rome or in the Wild West, for the entrance into the LARP scene it is ideally suited.

Medieval tent Hexagonal

As a generous and spacious tent, the Medieval tent Hexagonal offers a lot of advantages in space, resistance and construction. The cotton used as a tent fabric is very tear resistant and robust due to the double sewing technique. It is already impregnated and protects against water, mold and putrefaction. A proper construction ensures a stable hold even in strong winds. Nevertheless, it should be noted that it may come as a natural product, minor variations in cotton, so they are approximate values in the following dimensions:

  • Diameter: 3 m
  • Middle height: 2.50 m
  • Side height: 0.90 m
  • Entrance height: 1,50 m
  • Material: 100% cotton (350 g / m²)
  • Weight: 20 kg
  • Color: natural

The ideal tent with enough space for 2 people

With a diameter of 3 meters, the middle age tent Hexagonal might seem a bit small at first glance. But once you are inside the tent, it appears considerably larger. The floor space offers enough space for bunk beds as well as chests and all things that two people would like to accommodate in the tent. Also additional seats can be accommodated comfortably in the middle age tent Hexagonal. The height of 2.50 meters allows an upright position and free movement in the tent.

Light construction with rods and pegs

The tent tent as well as a divisible center rod and a door bar are available in the middle of the medieval tent tent. In addition, eight cotton ropes as well as eight large and nine small pegs are supplied. A great advantage of the tent is that it can be built effortlessly. Once it is tense, it offers an enormous amount of space for all your belongings.

Number of persons (approx.): 2-3
Material: 100% cotton (350g / m²)
Color: nature
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