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Wall Tent, 3,50 x 3,00 m / cotton FREE DELIVERY
Offer type: made on order
Price: 2323.00 PLN,
549.00 Euro
Price: 465.00 GBP ,
774.00 USD
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Catalog number: 506300-01
Colours: natural white
Shipping costs: FREE DELIVERY in European Union, shipping outside EU will be calcilated individually
Shipping time: max 14 days

The "Military Tent" of modern times

This historic tent offers both solid protection from wind and weather as well as sufficient space for several people, luggage or even furniture pieces. It is therefore not surprising that the so-called Wallentent, which used to be a pure military tent, and which in this form has been used in numerous European armies over many epochs, still performs well today. Numerous historical recordings show that this type of tent was mainly used by American pioneers, but also market traders used the Walltent as a sales or storage space because of its comfort and storage capacities. Our Walltent is 100% made of robust and waterproof cotton and is therefore an ideal companion for medieval markets, knight games and all other historical events.

The Walltent at a glance:

Scope of delivery: Tentplane + guy ropes
Size: approx. 3,50 x 3,00 m
Middle height: approx. 2.00 m
Side height: approx. 1.00 m
Color: natural
Material: 100% cotton
Impregnated and treated against rot, water and fungi

The historical tent in heavy execution

We offer this tent in a particularly robust design, because the high-quality processed cotton fabric has a density of 350 g / m² corresponds. Rain and wind have no chance with the Walltent, because it is also water-repellent impregnated and anti-fouling treated. It is also possible to use the tent in its entirety, the basic color of which is light natural. The rod set, the accessory and connecting sleeves as well as iron tips for this tent are available separately from us.

This tent is a good choice

With the Walltent you are ideally equipped on every historical event - and you also get a functional tent that protects you during every trip from wind and rain!

Fabric: 100% Cotton (350g/m²)
Farbe: natur
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