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Market Tent Actus 5,60 x 2.60 m FREE DELIVERY
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Catalog number: 505200-01 LZ
Material: tent cotton waterproof, impregnated against water, rotting and fuggy
Shipping costs: 45 euro in European Union, shipping outside EU will be calculated individually
Dispatching time: Mostly 3 business days from payment and sending all information necessary for the shipment. The shipping time may change in periods when we have a large number of orders, especially before the season.
Possible modifications:
Approximate shipping cost with poles: Europe EU - 40 euro, Europe non EU - 280 euro, we do not ship to USA, Australia with poles
Approximate shipping cost without poles: Europe EU - 25 euro, Europe non EU - 60 euro, USA, Australia - 65 euro

The Actus market stand for all retailers on medieval markets

Length: 5,60 m
Width: 2.60 m
Height: 2.30 m
Material: 100% cotton (350 g / m²)
Color: natural
Impregnated against water, fungi and putrefaction

The twill binding of the cotton ensures a particularly high tear strength and robustness. The tent fabric of the market stand can therefore also withstand bad weather conditions. Wind and rain can not affect this medieval tent. An impregnation makes the cotton watertight and prevents the formation of mold. Post-impregnation is not necessary in most cases. By external influences, e.g. Humidity and due to the fact that cotton is a natural product, minimal deviations in the measurements should be taken into account.

Spacious tent with plenty of space for goods and customers

With a floor area of ​​more than 14 m², the Actus market stand offers a very spacious shelter, which invites customers to browse and act. The tent and canopy have a pleasant height of 2.30 meters, so that you can stand upright to the goods and into the tent. In the side nests (apse) you will find enough space to store your goods and to vacate them if necessary.

All parts required for assembly are supplied

Actus is delivered with two wooden poles, two masts, four cotton ropes, four large and sixteen small pegs. This is all you need to build up an appealing market stand in just a few steps. Thanks to its size you can of course also use the market stand Actus.

With a width of 5.60 meters, our market stand Actus offers the dealer enough space to present his goods. Due to the pleasant height of the canopy (canopy), your customers can raise their heads to the goods. This also serves to close the market stand.

The apsis (side niches) offer enough space as a storage space for the placing of articles. Epochal is associated with the markstand with Schabraken at the end of the 13th century. There has always been a market stand in this form. Like all tents from our house, this market is already pre-impregnated against water, fungi and rot. When used correctly, you can enjoy it for many years without the need for re-impregnation.

Material: 100% Baumwolle (350g/m²)
Farbe: natur
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