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Wedge Tent Big 3 x 2.50m, natural
Offer type: made on order
Price: 349.00 Euro
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Catalog number: 505100-01
Colours: natural white
Shipping costs: 45 euro in European Union, shipping outside EU will be calculated individually
Shipping time: 14 days
Product information "Wedge tent big 3 x 2.50m, natural"

Are you looking for great comfort in a small space? The large wedge tent keeps you and your companions dry on the next camp and protects against the cold wind.

Ideal for travel with light luggage

If you would like to spend your holidays in the world of the Middle Ages limited to the essentials, but you want to store your seven things safely and also have space for a second sleeping place, the large Keilzelt is exactly the right thing for you.

Perfect size for everything important

With a floor area of ​​2.5 x 3 meters and an average height of 2 meters, the wedge tent is just small and therefore light enough to be transported easily, but still generous enough to allow you to stow your luggage and not feel as if you were You sleep in a sardine box.

We will not leave you in the rain

The authentic look of our medieval aids is our hallmark, but the quality of our materials is up to date! Also, the fabric from which the wedge tent is made is therefore impregnated and thus effectively protected from moisture and mold. With good care and timely re-impregnation, this wedge tent can give you a roof over your head for a long time and on many adventures.

Middle height: approx. 2.00 m Width: approx. 2.50 m Length: approx. 3,00 m Fabric: 100% cotton (350 g / m²), impregnated against water, rot and mold The tent is delivered with poles and pegs

A wedge tent for all living conditions

In the evening, still at the camp fire, in the morning again on the market or in the battle. In between, good sleep is worth gold. A bit of comfort and a large portion of cosiness are the best ingredients for this and we have combined them to 2.5 x 3 meters. Thanks to the light construction and the uncomplicated transport, you will be able to take full flexibility without risking wet feet at night!

Anzahl Personen (ca.): 2-3
Material: 100% Baumwolle (350g/m²)
Farbe: natur
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