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Wedge Tent 2 x 2.30m, natural
Offer type: made on order
Price: 299.00 Euro
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Catalog number: 505000-01
Colours: natural white
Shipping costs: 45 euro in EU, shipping outside EU will be calculated individually
Shipping time: 14 days
Product information "Wedge Tent small 2 x 2.30m, natural"

If you like it authentic, but also uncomplicated, then a Wedge tent is exactly the right thing for the next knight tournament.

Simple living, but always good

Not every man who was in the Middle Ages lived in a magnificent, large tent. So if you choose something simple, you are absolutely authentic. Our wedge tent is the right place for shooters and hunters, hikers, wandering minstrels or pilgrims - just for those who have more important things to do than spend a lot of money and carry unnecessarily a lot of ballast with them. In addition, the wedge tent is built up quickly and protects you from wind and weather as well as our large tents.The key tent in details

Epoch: Middle Ages
Height: 1.80 m
Width: 2.30 m
Length: 2 m
Material: 100% cotton (350g / m²), impregnated fabric
Including the rods and pegs

So you are always on the road

Our wedge tennt is designed for two persons and offers you enough space for visiting the cons. It is easy to set up and because of its low weight also transport well. The scope of delivery includes everything you need to build: rods, pegs and, of course, the impregnated fabric. This means that your finger is insensitive to moisture, mold and fungi. However, we recommend you to impregnate your tent afterwards because we have no influence on the strength of the impregnation.

Build your tent, hikers!

The wedge tent has a length of two meters and a width of 2.30 meters. Here, two brave stretches or hikers with their equipment can make themselves comfortable. Although this is a rather simple product, we offer you the same quality as our large tents. After all, the rolling game is always as much fun as possible.

Anzahl Personen (ca.): 1-2
Material: 100% Baumwolle (350g/m²)
Farbe: natur
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