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Magic Tent 3 x 3 - cotton
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Price: 599.00 Euro
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Catalog number: 504700-01
Material: tent cotton waterproof, impregnated against water, rotting and fuggy
Technology of Manufacturing: mashine sewn
Options / Addons:
Colours: natural white
Available Sizes: 3 x 3
Shipping costs: 45 euro in EU, shipping outside EU will be calculated individually
Shipping time: 14 working days

As a knight, you are not only one of the distinguished people, but also know exactly how a stable accommodation in the magic tent has to look.

Your authentic Medieval tent for LARP

For those who like to spend their free time in the Middle Ages and look for a suitable tent to the night, our magic tent is just the right thing to do. It offers you plenty of room for your sleeping place, your armory collection, a chest and a table, where the evening wine is enjoyed. It goes without saying that your stallion as a scholar or nobleman also looks as if it were artful, without recalling a tailor-made juggler. Here, peaceful nights and eventful days are guaranteed.

The magic tent for your rolling game

  • Measurements: 3 x 3 x 2.5 meters
  • Material: 100% cotton (350g / m²)
  • Special features: impregnated against moisture, mold and fungi
  • Period: 13th - 14th century; Without scrapers: antique
  • Color: natural white

  • Magic tent, one-part
  • 8 cotton ropes with wooden tensioner
  • 8 large pegs
  • 8 small pegs
  • 4 side bars 120cm / Ø 4cm
  • 1 divisible center rod
  • 1 door handle (~ 160cm)

This tent is a true space wonder

If you are looking for historical tents for your role playing, we offer you everything that is authentic. Our magic tent is just magical not only for magicians, but also because of its large space. The nine square meters of space offer enough room for everything the traveling knight has to do. With side walls of 1.20 meters height you have a lot of comfort even in the corners. The tent can be placed into the late Middle Ages at times - but when you remove the plague, it also makes a Roman play worthwhile. The magic tent is made of pure cotton and has been impregnated so that it does not damage the moisture. A new impregnation is not necessary for proper care.

Everything you need for your LARP

Our magic tent comes with herring, fixing ropes and a divisible middle bar to your home. With just 47 kilograms of weight, it is a real miracle in lightness. If you are still looking for accessories, we recommend you a suitable ground plane.

The magic tent with its 120cm high side wall is a small place miracle. Magic - whats all about it! The straight walls allow easy positioning of a 140cm wide bed. Then there is still enough space for a basket of clothes and two stools to sit next to a small table.

Number of persons (approx.): 3-4
Material: 100% cotton (350g / m²)
Color: nature


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