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James Arlen Gillaspie Artist Metalsmith
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I was originally trained as a jeweler/silversmith, and it shows in my work. I have done everything from earrings to architectural sculpture. I have won awards in over half of the juried art shows that I have been in, with most of my entries consisting of armour or armour-like jewelry. Most of these were multimedia shows. 

I have been making heat-treated medieval/renaissance armour for use in simulated heavy combat since 1983. I seem to have been the first artist working in modern times to have heat treated armour to make it combat worthy. I have visited seventeen European armour collections since 1993, as well as a couple of major private collections.  I have handled some very famous pieces. I have twice been a presenter at London's Wallace Collection's Armour Study Days in November 2000 and 2001. I am a serious student of armour, and my making of armour serves as a form of empirical research. I also clean, repair, and restore collector's pieces. Armour in the German Gothic style has been my especial study, although one could scarcely tell by looking at the harness shown. It dates from 1991, which was before I had seen any real armour; moreover, it was heavily impacted by economic considerations. It is not representative of my current work. The photos on this site would make it seem that 16th century armour is my strong suit, but it is merely my most recent serious work. In any case, I can do more than any of the examples shown. I have worked in a wide range of materials, such as precious metals, aluminum, stainless steel, and mild steel (of course), but my favorite is tempered steel. 


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